FunCTIOnal arts & crafts - incorporating metal - CERAMICS - wood - glass - paper - fabric - and whatever strikes my fancy

Handmade On the left coast of the USA  

OUTAWAK products are on Etsy

 In general the welded pieces I make are from used objects and materials including but not limited to tools, wrenches, pliers, nuts, bolts and whatever is needed to finish each one of a kind piece.  The metal panels are great for gate inserts, table tops and other applications only limited by ones imagination.  The belt buckles are great gifts for any tool using individual.
If you'd like your coffee, tea or whatever in a low production, designed and made by myself  cup / mug, click right over to Etsy.  You'll find my skull or robot cup along there and some other ceramic items also made in my studio / shop.

12 volt vacuum to electric wiper conversions and a few other things for your old car, truck, hot rod, custom, classic or rat rod.
Vintage Automotive


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